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Terriers and a Dead Bird

I’m dog sitting for a fellow foster this weekend while she attends a family wedding out of state. She has four dogs of her own plus a foster momma and six 3-week-old puppies. These babies are beyond adorable and all her dogs (small terrier types) are sweet as can be. So is mamma Blossom. Sleeping… Continue reading Terriers and a Dead Bird


I Just Found My Old Blog

I just found an old blog that I used to write called The Stephenie Daily (who only posts occasionally). I'd completely forgotten about this blog. There have been a few different blogs over the years. One reason is because I switched blogging platforms like I did for Wimba Dog. The other is because I tend… Continue reading I Just Found My Old Blog

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Training by Ignoring

The most difficult type of training with any animal is to not give them reinforcement - good or bad- when they are doing something you want them to stop. For example, when the dog jumps up on a person they usually get one of two responses: person pets dog and positively reinforces the behavior or… Continue reading Training by Ignoring

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Harvey Update

In case you were wondering, Harvey is doing great! I think we cured him of 90% of his problems . Okay, that taking too much credit. He has overcome them 90% of his problems. Mainly because 50% of those problems were tied to unaltered testicle he had. As you can see, he is now a… Continue reading Harvey Update

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Biden Dogs Returned to Family Home in Delaware

Headlines from a Google search. My husband informed me this morning that President Biden’s dog Major was sent back to the family home in Delaware after biting one of the White House security guards. He said “they” said Major was showing aggressive behavior to which I replied, “No, he was probably showing stressed behavior”. Dogs… Continue reading Biden Dogs Returned to Family Home in Delaware

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What Would You Pay For a Dog?

A fellow dog foster posted a pic of the husky/lab mix puppy they are fostering and mentioned that the adoption price was $400. What immediately followed was an outraged reply that $400 was too much for a “mutt”. 62 comments total on this post What followed was a typical Facebook free for all with everyone… Continue reading What Would You Pay For a Dog?

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I Guess Now We’re Friends?

Harvey has been doing better every time I go upstairs. Sure he still hissed at me as I approach but as soon as I’m in a seated position he comes over for pets and play and treats. Since we’ve been getting along so well, I decided to try taking him back into the room from… Continue reading I Guess Now We’re Friends?